Image from the publication, End To End, 2017

Visiting the recycling plant the Kringloop winkel, Antwerp (BE), 2015

Learning about LEAN management at the recycling plant the Kringloop winkel, Antwerp (BE), 2015

Work in Process, developing a score, 2015

Residues of actions and Score (ENG/CN), Performing Objects at Assembly Line projects, Jiading Venue, Shanghai (CN), 2015

Residues of actions and Score (ENG/CN), Performing Objects at Assembly Line projects, M50, Shanghai (CN), 2015

Annoucement of Assembly Line Project, Jiading Venue, Shanghai (CN), 2015

Kristof Van Gestel, Agreement Conversation Piece/AM - posters, ERforS HQ (BE), 2015

Dialogue Table, Nicolás Lamas and Juan Duque, ERforS HQ (BE), 2015

Dialogue Table, Nicolas Lamas, ERforS HQ (BE), 2015

'Language is a Failed Technology', Toril Johannessen, ERforS HQ (BE), 2015

Pas de Mots / No Words, Bie Michels, ERforS HQ (BE), 2015

Still of video recording of the artist talk by Michiel Huijben, ERforS HQ (BE), 2015

One of the two 'Zet object' sculptures by Kristof Van Gestel, in residence in the guestrooms of ERforS HQ, BE

Fragment video 'Corner Solutions', Bas Schevers, 2015

Silent Walk, France, 2014

group photo after workshop at PAF, Performing Arts Forum, in St. Erme (FR), 2014

Object send by mail by Herman Van Ingelgem instead of his own presence, 2014

2014 - 2022

Performing Objects

Experimental research project

Initiated by: Marjolijn Dijkman and Kristof Van Gestel

Involved: Pauline Hafsia M'barek, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Bie Michels, Alice De Mont, Marjolijn Dijkman, Rune Peitersen, Kristof Van Gestel, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Guy Woueté.

Guests / Former participants: Leontien Allemeersch, Bianca Baldi, Justin Balmain, Christoph Baum, Bart Van Dijck, Céline Butaye, Edwin Deen, Juan Duque, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, gerlach en koop, Lauren Grusenmeyer, Paulo Guerreiro, Reuben Henry, Laura Herman, Dunja Herzog, Wouter Hillaert, Hedwig Houben, Michiel Huijben, Per Hüttner, Liesbeth Huybrecht, Toril Johannessen, Ermias Kifleyesus, Karin Kihlberg, Frank Koolen, Nicolás Lamas, Heike Langsdorf, Anne Wetsi Mpoma, Laura Nsengiyumva, Anouchka Oler, Odilon Pain, Jan-Jasper Persijn, Dina Rabearivelo, Taraoo Ranarison, Manjato Rabeharinirina, Liantsoa Rakotonaivo, Carine Ratovonarivo, Anne Marie Sampaio, Sonia Si Ahmed, Bas Schevers, Johanna Sarah Schlenk, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Dries Segers, Erika Sprey, Alina Tenser, Adrien Tirtiaux, Sarah Vanhee, Marthe Van Dessel, Nico Van Dijck, Herman Van Ingelgem, Elli Vassalou, Danny Vercauteren, Lorelinde Verhees.


Performing Objects experiments with objects and their possibilities to act as an interactive performer towards its users or audience. This project researches different ways artists can anticipate this process during the conceptualisation and the conception of their work. The artworks made for this project will possibly manifest themselves in different locations outside the regular arts contexts.

The project is process oriented and creates moments of (critical) reflection concerning our embodiment and relation to the objects surrounding us, moments of creation, collective exploration during site visits and meetings with invited guests. We create a playful and experimental situation where our relation to objects are tested and reflected upon. We work within an intimate group situation where people can experiment freely with new works and ideas with constructive feed-back from their peers. Besides this internal group process the project aims to develop a direct relationship with specific audiences that will become part of the project.

The home base for the meetings and talks is ERforS HQ, besides this location we create temporary set ups and will incorporate work in various sites that will act as a sort of test cases. These experiments will stimulate and create a base for further discussions and developments within the process of the project.