5 - 9 February 2015

Performing Objects – Bas Schevers

Performance and new work, Galerie gallery, NL

Involved: Bas Schevers

Date: 5 - 8 February 2015 (13:00 - 19:00)

Location: Galerie gallery, Dortselaan 27e, Rotterdam, NL

Galerie gallery is a small initiative / home-gallery with limited space for infinite experimentation, based in a spare room in Jan Huijben‘s apartment.


Still of new video in progress, Bas Schevers, 2015 (recorded during the Performing Objects workshop at PAF)

Alongside Art Rotterdam Bas Schevers will be exhibiting at the artists initiative 'Galerie gallery' and show parts of his current research on the corner as an object.

This exhibition will include a video work in process of a performance with a corner, instructions for the audience to interact with the empty corners in the exhibition space as well as a video interview with Wouter Davidts on corner solutions in architecture.

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