9 January 2015

Performing Objects – TRACINGS, Analogies and Dissonances by Bie Michels

Now online with ENG subtitles

Recorded in the central recycling plant in Antwerp, 'TRACINGS, Analogies and Dissonances', focuses on the interaction between men and objects and compiles answers to questions like: ‘Does an object have a soul?’, ‘Does it live?’ and ‘What about its concept?’ These and many other philosophical and concrete questions were asked to the employees when an object passed them in their travel through the system of the recycling centre. The thoughts and the way how one thinks about an object invokes an identity and questions the spectator, since no image of the speaker answering is shown.

Directed and produced by Bie Michels

TRACINGS, Analogies and dissonances, Bie Michels, filmstill

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