20 June 2015

Becoming a Building

Now Online: Video of the lecture by Michiel Huijben

Michiel Huijben is an artist, currently based in London, where he is studying the MA Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation at the Cass. Michiel is also co-founder of the blog pietmondriaan.com

This lecture is part of Performing Objects, an ongoing project that experiments with objects and their possibilities to act as an interactive performer towards its users or audience.

Still: Video of the lecture by Michiel Huijben

Video recording of the talk by Michiel Huijben. From the verticality of the body as resembled in Greek columns, to people eating and dating walls and other built structures, this talk proposes that buildings share more similarities with us (and vice versa) than we are usually inclined to think. Taking examples from the history of art, architecture, mythology and life in general, it suggests a number of ways for you to become more like a building, by focusing on the relations and similarities between human bodies and the material environment, and, specifically, to buildings.