17 October 2015

Detour Zenne

Meetingpoint at ERforS HQ, Drogenbos, BE

Detour Zenne is part of Trangression / Transition: an exploration of the Senne and its surroundings an ongoing research project initiated by Paoletta Holst. Transgression / Transition started in April 2015 and has known several moments of exploration and presentation since. By taking the river as its directory Transgression/Transition wants to explore the surroundings along the Senne in order to visualize and outline the traces of both formal and informal spatial use. In August 2015 Transgression / Transition conducted a field research along the Senne by walking the 103 km course of the river. This walk provided a large quantity of data and information that will gradually transform in visual objects.

Date: Saturday 17 October 2015 - start at 11:00 h.

Gathering point: Enough Room for Space, Sterstraat 10 Rue de L'Etoile, Drogenbos

Final Destination: Elixir @ Felixhoeve / Enough Room for Space HQ

Please subscribe via erfors@gmail.com, there is only room for 20 people. Note: The tour is full!

Directions to ERforS HQ from Brussels South Station:
Tram 82: stop Grote Baan / Grand Route
Metro 4: stop Stalle (P)  (5 min. walk)

Note: there are two number 10's in our street, one in the commune of Ukkel/Uccle and ours in Drogenbos!

Cost: 5 Euro (lunch)

Invitation Detour Zenne, Paoletta Holst

The course of a river is determined by water that seeks the path of least resistance, hence the meanderings through the countryside. To follow a river’s course by foot, however, is to encounter a great deal of obstacles. In case of the Senne river, there are no existing trails and at certain points the river flows underground or through private property. These obstacles are equally part of the river. They define its contiguous spaces and tell us something about our relations and understandings of it.

With Detour Zenne we will try to follow the course of the Senne in Drogenbos, in search for its surrounding histories and spatial realities. During the walk we will encounter different sites and insights, stories and storytellers who all have their own view on the river’s features and surrounding areas.

Be prepared for a firm 10 km. walk through Drogenbos and adjacent communities. The estimated duration of the walk will be around 5 hours, consisting of walking, storytelling, sightseeing, a lunch break and more. For those who prefer to walk less, there is a possibility for a shorter 5 km track (you will miss certain highlights though).

The final destination of our walk will be the Felixhoeve in Drogenbos (close to Enough Room for Space) where we'll pick fruits as part of the yearly harvest feast, home made drinks will await us and we'll bake pizza's in the old bakehouse if the weather permits.

PS. Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes (and raincoats in case of bad weather).