26 November 2016

VODUN: Performance lecture by Theo Atrokpo (in French)

Enough Room for Space, BE (in collaboration with mòsso)

Date: 26 November 2016 - 18:00 h.
(Due to limited seats available please reserve before 20 November: erfors@gmail.com)

In collaboration with:
Being based in Brussels – the creole, multicultural capital of European Union – mòsso conceives, promotes and supports international projects where exchange, mobility and mutual interaction bring new perspectives on cultural and social challenges of contemporary world, in Europe as in the Global South.

Theo Atrokpo has been invited by mòsso in the framework of Dokountin#3, an artistic residency in Abomey (Bénin) with Roberta Gigante and Olivia Degrez.  The accompanying exhibition will open on the 17th of November at the Artists Club / Coffre-fort in Brussels.

With the support of: Fédération Wallonie - Bruxelles

Enough Room for Space
Sterstraat 10 Rue de L'Etoile
1620 Drogenbos

Directions from Brussels South Station:

Tram 82: stop Grote Baan / Grand Route
Metro 4: stop Stalle (P)  (10 min. walk)

Note: there are two number 10's in our street, one in the commune of Ukkel/Uccle and ours in Drogenbos!


Vodun session - Theo Atrokpo

Theo Atrokpo from Benin will give a performance lecture where he will give insight into the world of Vodun with an introduction into its rituals, charms and performative objects.

"Vodun is intrinsically embedded in our culture and existence. It influences our thinking, our speech, our gestures; our entire daily life. Our proverbs, songs and dances, our food and clothing fashion, all convey fragments of Vodun. Culture and cult are thus two sides of the same coin; they are ONE and inseparable.

Vodun is primarily related to the concept of family in the broad sense, which encompasses the living and the dead, with whom we live in constant communion. In such a space, the words of our ancestors guide us in our understanding of the rules of conduct in life, that are the basis of the values that nurture permanently the social, political, artistic and even economic growth of the community." - Theo Atrokpo.

During the evening, Theo Atrokpo will present the objects used and worn at Vodun ceremonies like raffia, beads, sceptres, bells or the apklè. He will also present some medical magic ingredients like atakun, which has medicinal and esoteric virtues: its chewed seeds will incite the spoken words. Besides this he will introduce some incantations and Vodun chants.

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