19 September 2014

Performing Objects – Talks: Dunja Herzog & Anouchka Oler


Involved: Anouchka Oler and Dunja Herzog

Date: 19 September 2014 (on invitation only)

Location: ERforS HQ

Dunja herzog: installation shot of 'Laughter is usually at the End of the Conversation'

Dunja Herzog and Anouchka Oler will present recent works and respond to the notion of 'Performing Objects' within their practice. Besides they will discuss and introduce some theoretical texts that have been influencial for their practices in relation to their use and appropriation of objects.

Dunja Herzog will introduce a series of new works produced in the last two years. Herzog’s sculptures and installations are concerned with what surrounds us and shapes our everyday existence. She uses common objects and materials as if to prolong their lives, affording them a new lease of life once the first has gradually died away in the indifference of its situation and use. Her analytic approach to the object world also involves shifts in scale and montage, fragmentation, an aesthetic of ruptures which serves to make the familiar visible and readable in a completely new way. Furthermore this cacophonous array of objects abandon notions of order and power, allowing the viewer to relate to the works’ inherently human qualities of fragility and vulnerability.

Anouchka Oler will amongst others present the new work developed for an online residency at the online platform Piet Mondriaan curated in collaboration with the Sober and Lonely Institute from Johannesburg. Onlinestudios

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