28 February 2015

Performing Objects – Workshop II

Destelheide, Dworp, BE

Involved: Céline Butaye, Per Hüttner, Bie Michels, Alice De Mont, Marjolijn Dijkman, Heike Langsdorf, Anne Marie Sampaio, Bas Schevers, Kristof Van Gestel, Lorelinde Verhees

Thanks to: Destelheide, Dworp, BE

Supported by: Vision Forum, SE

Destelheide, Dworp

Heike Langsdorf will guide the second workshop relating to Performing Objects at Destelheide in Dworp. The workshop will explore experimental performance relating to assembled objects brought by the participating artists. Possible outcomes of all of the workshops part of Performing Objects will be presented in upcoming public events.

Heike Langsdorf is a German dance and performance artist based in Brussels. She has worked with Kris Verdonck, Jan Fabre and Alexander Baervoets. Since 2010 she has produced work under the name ‘radical­_hope’. She also teaches at the KASK in Ghent. Heike is a member of the C&H collective. C&H are Heike Langsdorf, Christoph Ragg and Christophe Meierhans. Since 2002 the Brussels-based collective has been producing works that question the reciprocal positions of actor and spectator. Their performances, installations and other interventions are concerned with the creation of new contexts for the perception of things which might happen anyway. Places of our daily experience, the street, a café, a cinema, are so C&H's predilected scenographies upon which to stage moments of perspective slapstick for their audiences.

website: Radical Hope