29 January 2016

Uncertainty Scenarios – Session #2

ERforS HQ, Drogenbos, BE

Initiated by: Marjolijn Dijkman and Amélie Bouvier

Involved: Maxime Bondu, Amélie Bouvier, Marjolijn Dijkman, Marcin Dudek, Catherine Henkinet (L'Iselp), Jean Katambayi, Denis Maksimov (Avenir Institute), Maya van Leemput (Agence Future), Maarten Vanden Eynde.

Agence Future
AF’s interdisciplinairy and cross-media practice has been in the making for over a decade. Agence Future grew from an independent project by Bram Goots (photographer) and Maya van Leemput (futurist) that started in 01999. During the first years of the millennium, the two travelled in 25 countries, spread over five continents to conduct interviews with more than 300 people who shared their ideas, images and feelings about personal, local and global futures. It is now more than ten years ago the team was on the road with recumbent bicycles, carrying the required technology for recording and distributing their work, interviewing in ten European countries.

MAONO : an exchange project for the exploration of futures, Agence Future

On the 29th we hosted Uncertainty Scenarios - Session #2 at the ERforS HQ, a gathering of people related to the project Uncertainty Scenarios with a presentation of Maya van Leemput introducing the work of Agence Future.

Uncertainty Scenarios is a collective experimental research project that explores the ways people throughout history have tried to speculate, predict and anticipate the future and different attitudes that go along with this. The project creates a common ground for a group of artists that all share interest in the concerns of the project and aims to establish a context for the development of new works. Together we reflect on possible consequences of current global socio-political or ecological issues and question our position as artists towards these. The goal of AF is to support foresight and futures exploration in Flanders, Belgium, Europe and the world and to involve a diverse public in foresight activities. AF pursues projects, activities, research, events, communication, education, creation, production, experiment and publication on the subject of (images of the) futures.

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