12 September 2009

Talking About

Gathering in Rotterdam, NL

Hosted by: Marjolijn Dijkman and Annette Schemmel (Enough Room for Space)

Organised by: Marjolijn Dijkman and Annette Schemmel with Zoë Gray and Lucia Babina (initiators of Talking About!)

Supported by: Mondriaan Fund

Discussants gathering at the studio of Marjolijn Dijkman / Enough Room for Space

As part of the program Talking About!, Enough Room for Space initiates a discussion with a group artists and cultural producers working in the context of Central Africa and in specific in Cameroon.

Talking About! brought six artists and cultural producers from Cameroon to the Netherlands; Ruth Belinga (artist, curator, Yaoundé), Goddy Leye (artist, founder of artist initiative ArtBakery, Douala), Hervé Youmbi (artist, member of the collective Cercle Kapsiki, Douala), Achille K Komguen (artist, editor of the newspaper DiARTgonale, Yaoundé), Lionel Manga (writer, Douala), Achille Atina (cultural mediator, Douala).

Additionally, Enough Room for Space has invited Hervé Yamguen (artist, member of the collective Cercle Kapsiki, Douala), Emiliano Gandolfi (curator), Alexander Vollebregt (artist), Kaleb de Groot (artist), Meruro Washida (curator), David Maroto (artist) and Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson (artists) as discussion partners to Enough Room for Space.


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