1 - 15 November 2020

On-Trade-Off: Residency period & Research trip (III)

Lubumbashi and Manono, DRC

Gulda El Magambo, 2020Gulda El Magambo on the road, 2020


Initiated by: Picha (Lubumbashi, DRC) and Enough Room for Space (Brussels, BE)

 Lubumbashi and Manono, DRC

Involved in research trip to Manono: Gulda El Magambo, Georges Senga

Supported by: Mondriaan Fonds (NL)

Abandoned colonial house, Manono, DRC (OTO Resource Collectif)

Georges Senga and Gulda El Magambo undertook a third research trip to Manono, DRC. They continued to conduct a whole range of interviews with people ranging from artisanal miners, the director of the Ministry of Mines and Geology, the Luba chef among others. This material will be collected in the ‘OTO-Resource Collectif’, a collective archive of images, texts and audiovisual materials, made available to all participating artists for the production of new works.

On-Trade-Off is an ongoing artistic-research project that reflects on environmental and economic implications of the extraction and processing of Lithium, the main raw material needed for the global production of Green Energy.

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