21 November 2020

On-Trade-Off @ Intersections of Care: Decolonial practices

Online, Intersections of Care at Wiels, Brussels, BE

Initiated by: Intersections of Care (Florence Cheval and Loraine Furter)

With: Zakaria Almoutlak, Lotte Arndt, Jean Katambayi and a poem by Pélagie Gbaguidi for On-Trade-Off, Olivier Marboeuf / Mangrove and The Post Collective.

Time: 17:00 h. - 19:00 h.
Date: 21 November 2020

Hosted by Wiels

Intersections of Care

On-Trade-Off members Lotte Arndt, Pelagie Gbaguidi and Jean Katambayi will join a collective discussion hosted by Intersections of Care on decolonial practices in art which unfolds in the context of the Open School section of the Wiels Risquons-Tout exhibition.

With: Zakaria Almoutlak, Lotte Arndt, Jean Katambayi and a poem by Pélagie Gbaguidi for On-Trade-Off, Olivier Marboeuf / Mangrove and The Post Collective.


Intersections of Care is a research project in the arts by Florence Cheval and Loraine Furter.

Intersections of Care aims at researching and experimenting with display, understood as material or immaterial dispositifs connecting different elements in space in order to create a discourse or a narrative within an exhibition. We intend to work on those devices that are usually quite overlooked but which nevertheless make the link between space, artefacts and humans. Display stands for an interstice, an interface, through which issues of crucial importance in terms of seeing, knowing, but also of power relationships, unfolds - since it contributes to model, to give shape and meaning to the singular elements it connects.

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