27 October 2019

On-Trade-Off: Charging Tesla Crash

Future Genealogies, 6th Lubumbashi Biennale, DRC


Tesla Crash: Jean Katambayi, Sammy Baloji, Daddy Tshikaya (Photo: Gulda El Magambo)

Charging Tesla Crash, A Speculation:

Jean Katambayi, Sammy Baloji, Daddy Tshikaya and Marjolijn Dijkman

Presented at: 6th Lubumbashi Biennale, Lubumbashi, DRC (2019)
Curated by: Sandrine Colard

Technical assistance: Electro-technician Lukas Pol
Supported by: Digital Earth, Mondriaan Fund

On-Trade-Off is initiated by Enough Room for Space & Picha (DRC)

'Charging Tesla Crash, a speculation' by Sammy Baloji, Daddy Tshikaya, Jean Katambayi and Marjolijn Dijkman at the 6th Lubumbashi Biennale, DRC, 2019 (Photo: Uriel Urlow)

Part of the ongoing artistic research project On-Trade-Off 'Tesla Crash', made by Jean Katambayi, Sammy Baloji, Daddy Tshikaya is a handmade 1:1 model of the notorious Tesla Model S in copper wire using a special weaving technique inspired by miniature wire car toys made by children in DR Congo.

Reenacting a spectacular experiment with a selfmade Tesla coil, the performative act 'Charging Tesla Crash', developed in collaboration with Marjolijn Dijkman, returned to the utopian ideas of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) about wireless and available energy for everyone around the globe. The performance reflects the so called 'green energy revolution' and global inequalities present today.

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