1 - 25 March 2006

US Here I Come!

Mountain School of Arts, Los Angeles, US

Involved: Maarten Vanden Eynde and Marika Asatiani,

Hosted by: The Mountain School of Arts / MSA^, Los Angeles, US

Supported by: Prins Bernhard Culturefund, The Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam, European Cultural Foundation, NCDO, Open Society and Soros Network, Royal Embassy of The Netherlands

MSA^: Founded in 2005, The Mountain School of Arts is the oldest, continuous artist-run school in California. The school is open each year to selected students coming from all over the world. There will be no fees for enrolling or for attending classes. The mission of MSA^ is to create an educational community of artists providing free instruction for an expansive field of inquiry. The discipline of fine art remains the driving motive for the school's progression and development as an institution. But MSA^ also concerns itself with a variety of disciplines as diverse as science and cinema to law and philosophy. With a broad array of subjects, students of this unique educational program continue to enjoy a course of study comparable to the standard Californian college or university to help and support the individual students in whatever discipline they pursue after their studies.

Saakashvili and Bush

Maarten Vanden Eynde decided to make an additional exchange program within the exchange program of 'Georgia Here we Come'. At the same time as the project in Tbilisi will be going on, Maarten is supposed to be attend The Mountain School of Arts / MSA^ in Los Angeles, USA.

Marika Asatiani and Maarten will change lives for a period of three weeks while he will be in Tbilisi, consequently becoming part of both projects as well. She will stay in his room in Los Angeles and attended classes in his place. Maarten will live her life in Tbilisi.

"We have never met before and will exchange lives on the 1st of march, flying simultaneously towards each other. We will keep in close contact and exchange experiences. It is very unclear what the outcome will be."