22 September - 22 October 2023


Residency of Pamela Tulizo

The residency of Pamela Tulizo is generously supported by Goethe-Institut.

Pamela Tulizo, Matrice, 2022

ICC/Institute of Colonial Culture is very pleased to welcome Pamela Tulizo for a month long residency supported by Goethe-Institut. Pamela Tulizo is an artist, documentary photographer and journalist, living and working in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, who incessantly and without limitations renegotiates the iconography of black African woman throughout history, by restaging and (digitally) manipulating their representation in popular culture and media outlets. She will work on her research project REGARD CROISÉ, which aims to include raw materials and historic objects in the mix of her poignant alterations of the perceived reality of African woman, while they metamorphose from carrying the burdens of the past into invincible Amazons of the future.

ICC consists of a collection of artefacts, documents, books, photographs and films representing colonial presence in Congo, mainly focusing on the period 1884-1960. There is hardly any tangible material left in Congo of that period, due to the hastily departure of most colonisers after the independence in 1960. ICC is an institute, existing separately but hosted in DR Congo by the National Museum in Lubumbashi and in Belgium by Enough Room for Space (ERforS), that creates a permanent archive of objects, clothes, letters, photo's, audio and video recordings, books and documents representing colonial culture. Or put differently, the daily life and work of white European colonists in the colonial period. The archive and collection of objects is open on appointment and freely accessible for artist, writers, historians and reseachers to work with and consult.

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