21 February 2014


Presentations and discussion, SAVVY, Berlin, DE

Speakers: Lorenzo Sandoval, Luis Berrios-Negron, Annette Schemmel and Bathilde Maestracci

Location: Mutant Matters at Savvy Contemporary, Richardstraße 20, Berlin, DE

Starting at: 19:00h.

On view: The magazines JAMAN and ECHOES (DiARTgonale Special Editions #1 and #2

Enough Room for Space proudly announces its new special edition of DiARTgonale entitled "ECHOES". To celebrate this launch, Mutant Matters at Savvy Contemporary (Berlin) will host a discussion about the accessibility of knowledge resources and public archives for contemporary artists working outside of Europe. With contributions by Lorenzo Sandoval, Luis Berrios-Negron, Annette Schemmel and Bathilde Maestracci

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