November 2006

Happy Hour!

Event at the Liverpool Biennial 06, UK

Initiated by: Marjolijn Dijkman and Inga Zimprich

Location: Monro cafe, Liverpool, UK

 is organised by Cecelia Andersson in the context of the Liverpool Biennial 06.

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Participants speeching with their newly developed cocktail

Invited to host a SUPERSOCIAL event within the context of the Liverpool Biennial Marjolijn Dijkman and Inga Zimprich opened HAPPY HOUR - The international art cafe. Mockingly using the bombastic thematic titles of the different Biennales around the world they questioned the relevance and content of these concepts. Is it accessible for the local visitors of the Biennales or is it mainly made up for the constant traveling artists and critics? Are they using a different language? What does it mean to be confronted by inspiring thematic fireworks of contemporary critique and debate where ‘the Infinite pleasure of sexuality' meets the ‘obviously political dimension of bare life (as brought out by torture and the concentration camp)’? (documenta 12. Roger M. Bruegel, December 2005)

Inspired by the Georgian toasting culture we'll invite our audience to come together and discuss the titles and content of international art events in the form of speeches. We ask the participants to create new cocktails in small groups, inspired by the different Biennale titles and themes. The ingredients for the cocktails will be used to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions coming up while thinking of those titles. The outcome will be translated into a toast, carried out while consuming the new cocktails.

The culture of toasting
In Georgia for instance people share the time on the dinner table as the core of their social life. One person (mainly the wise and oldest person) has the position of the toastmaster. The toastmaster tells a personal anecdote, refers to important happenings in life,  about happiness, dispair, politics, daily life or anything that pops up. The toasts are most often quite elaborate and full of passion. This individual way of speech fascinates us and inspired us to think about the big international art-venues around the world. Could a personal toast add something to the promising concept of these topics?  Cheers!