30 November 2006

Georgia Here We Come!

Multi-event at TENT. Rotterdam, NL

With: David Djindjikhachvili, Krzysztof Wegiel, Nino P, and Eric Robertson

Date: 30th of November 2006, 20:00h.

Location: TENT. Rotterdam, NL

K9-Reconstruction Prototype, Eric Robertson, 2006

On the 30th of November at 20:00 the documentary about the project ‘Georgia Here We Come’, made by David Djindjikhachvili and Krzysztof Wegiel, will be shown for the first time  at TENT. Rotterdam.

The multi evening will be completed with a performance by Nino P. and a special appearence by Eric Robertson (K9-Reconstruction Prototype)

Robertson has developed three dog-pullovers in an attempt to integrate stray dogs into an urban interplay with local inhabitants, tourist and the larger scope of the city. These prototypes form a dialogue around the functional and dysfunctional possibility of mapping and linking the city to a subtle sequence of events and misadventures. For the evening at TENT, three dogs will present these pullovers, each one fitted with a different utility - a meandering city map, a growl-yapping audio excursion and a rambunctious street kiosk mingle in the first of a series of interactive field studies.’ Don’t miss it!