April 2009

Corrillos #5

Informal artists meeting

Host: Huib Haye van der Werf

Presentations by:
 Hans Venhuizen and Ester van de Wiel

Rood Kapje

Corrillos #5

Hans Venhuizen
My designs are processes for citites and areas that are experiencing change. In these processes the desired future identity is given time to develop out of the existing situation, instead of being conceived all at once. I show that taking a cultural approach to planning can often create unexpected links between the present and future.

Ester van de Wiel
As curator and designer, I initiated the Sunday Adventure Club during the summer of 2008. The Sunday Adventure Club is a temporary club of urban pioneers; citizens who, inspired by their personal passions, organize activites in the public space. They take the initiative, claim a space and create public places that , in the words of John Cage, “work so well we can run wild in them.