February 2009

Corrillos #4

Informal artists meeting

Host: Katarina Zdjelar

Presentations by:
Ozlem Altin and Anke Bangma

Rood Kapje

Presentation by Anke Bangma

Ozlem Altin
'Emptiness enveloped in endless silence'. My artistic practice deals with the experience of marginal subjectivity, which haunt archival images and texts. Through print media, performance and video, I explore the personal and cultural representations and resonance of states of exhaustion, passivity and invisibility. My current work is concentrated primarily on book projects.

Anke Bangma
My current research evolves around the reality effects of visual documents. Connecting contemporary discussions with the use of the camera in the emerging science of psychology, brought me to think of documentary practices not in terms of their truth claims, but in terms of how they make us feel and act.