December 2008

Corrillos #3

Informal artists meeting

Host: Christien Meindertsma

Presentations by:
 Florentijn Hofman and Reineke Otten

Cooks: Rood Kapje

Presentation by Reineke Otten

Florentijn Hofman
The work of Florentijn Hofman defies the everyday experience with unusual and striking works of art. They make a huge impact in the space due to its formidable scale. The location forms the starting point for his temporary objects and paintings, such as a bright yellow inflatable rubber duck, almost thirty meters tall, which creates a playful interaction with the surroundings.

Reineke Otten
In the project World Skin Colors, Reineke Otten maps the distribution of skin colours across the globe. As streetologist she examines the urban environment and uses the street and people as a source of inspiration. In 2006 she published her book China Daily Life with photos of everyday life in an environment that is rapidly developing.