September 2008

Corrillos #1

Informal artists meeting

Hosts: Marjolijn Dijkman and David Maroto

Presentations by:
 Lara Almarcegui and Jan Jongert (2012 Architecten)

Cook: Taji

Food prepared by Taji

Lara Almarcegui
I want to question urban planning through the study of places which ascape a fixed definition of city or of architecture: empty lots, waste lands, demolition sites; places which due the forgetfulness or lack of interest escape a defined design and are open to all kind of possibilities.

Jan Jongert (2012 Architects)
2012 Architects was founded in 1997 and has three partners: Cesare Peeren, Jeroen Bergsma and Jan Jongert. All are deeply committed to recycling or 'reuse' as an integral design strategy'. Their activities are not just limited to architecture but also extend into other field of design and art.