The Postman's Decision Is Final, 2008
Two postcards stuck together with different addresses on both sides. One of them was the address of HISK. All the postcards that arrived during the show were added on the shelve (10 x 15 cm)

A Very Wall Rubbing Of This Very Spot, 2008
Coloured pencil on paper (29,7 x 21 cm)

Keep Your Art And Sweet, You Might Have To Eat It, 2005
Cake, eaten on the opening

Dan Rees' work depends on the actions of others … we all do, as we do not exist in a community of isolation but a community of ideas and influences. Art like everything in life is not the result of an individual, and the idea of the artist as the unique, sedentary creative genius has made way for the artists whose methodology and role is one of catalyst and quiet observer of the zeitgeist. The processes that inform the ecology of artists and their respective practices in turn shape Rees' numerous works.

Abstract from a text by Richard Higlett