espace doual'art
is an experimental laboratory for new urban practices of African cities.

Since 1991, doual'art has invited in Douala contemporary artists in order to create a bridge between the city and contemporary art productions. Their purpose is to work on the cultural and urban identity of Douala. Indeed, artistic creation is a trigger of change, a paradigm of development, and most crucially an effective means to fight indigence and poverty.

In producing site-specific urban interventions, doual'art works as an intermediary between social and economic actors, population and local collectives. It perceives cultural and artistic initiatives as a tool for consolidating freedom of expression and social cohesion, which allow in their turn transcending and overcoming closures and cleavages. doual'art implements a participatory approach to cultural practice, negotiating with local communities, NGOs and authorities their specific needs and aspirations and involving artists as facilitators of the development processes.

Espace d'exposition